Houghton International

Houghton provides a broad range of fluid services and solutions that improve manufacturing processes. Our global teams of scientists, engineers and technical service professionals work with customers to develop fluid and equipment solutions to increase their profitability, improve product quality and reduce risk and waste.

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Fluid Partnerships Making
a World of Difference

Houghton International is a global leader in delivering advanced metalworking fluids and services for the automotive, aerospace, metals, mining, machinery, offshore and beverage industries. With headquarters in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Houghton operates research, manufacturing and office locations in 33 countries around the world delivering fluid solutions that increase profitability, improve product quality and minimise risks for our customers.

Your industrial fluid,
equipment & service provider

The Houghton culture reflects the extraordinary skill, passion, purpose and commitment that their global teams demonstrate every day. They work together to develop creative solutions to complex challenges, always focused on improving the performance of our customers.

Their Mission is to deliver innovative and sustainable fluid solutions developed by global teams to create value for customers by increasing their profitability and product quality while minimising risks.

Customer solutions centres

Houghton International, one of the world’s leading companies in the development of advanced metalworking fluids and comprehensive services, offers customized solutions for increasing productivity and reducing operational costs by setting up Customer Solutions Centres all over Europe.

Research and Technology

Houghton Research and Technology develops advanced fluid technologies that enable our customers to improve profitability and product quality while minimising risks in manufacturing operations. We achieve our mission by maintaining a strategic focus on innovation, knowledge and efficiency in scientific discovery and application.

Process Optimisation

The acquisition of production machines means high investment costs. Often, it is possible to optimize production processes using applied processing fluids rather than altering or replacing a historically grown infrastructure in the area of the machine park or equipment. Houghton optimizes your manufacturing process together with you.

Increase Productivity

Together with our customers and all stakeholders, we research and develop high-tec products, help with appropriate equipment and comprehensive fluid care services to increase your competitiveness and reduce costs. Our Customer Solutions Centres in Dortmund, Turin, Manchester, Barcelona and Rouen are therefore an essential element for success.

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