PDI Department playing crucial role in customer satisfaction objective

Based in the Hyfore premises in Coventry but  still very much in evidence at Southam, the PDI team have integrated swiftly into day to day operations in ETG and are putting their experience and skills into front line customer scrutiny. “The timing and duration of a customer’s machine arriving in our premises from a variety of overseas destinations is all important,” explains Doz McKillop, the QC Engineer who has overall day to day charge of the 6 strong team. “Naturally the customer wants the new acquisition delivered as soon as possible but equally it is in ETG’s interests to deliver the machine as ready as possible, to go into production without tying up valuable hours of service engineers around the installation. “In consumer terms it’s like ‘Plug and Play’ with a new TV or laptop. You expect to receive a machine in as near ready to go state as possible and that’s our objective,” Doz explains. The team – Doz, Peter Cain, Ben Skinner, Chris Buxton and Alex Price – have recently been supplemented by apprentice PDI Engineer Simon Smart Not all machines pass through their capable hands but the majority of Hardinge, Bridgeport, Quaser, Feeler and Nakamura do. “It’s a question of how far the factory take them,” adds Doz. “Customer additions such as bar feeds, gantries or spindle changes are often very much quicker for us to add because the factories work on long lead times when building machines. We can order a factory option such as spindle through coolant and have it fitted and quality checked literally in a week or even a few days. We have assembled a team with vast experience and can prepare the machine to a delivered state. That’s the objective and it creates a lot of goodwill with the customer.” The dedicated department was started about 18 months ago in Southam with just Doz and Pete Cain. Its expansion is testimony to the success of the whole PDI concept.

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