CAD, CAM and CNC centre of excellence

The newest member of the Engineering Technology Group is Hyfore Development, which will become our centre of excellence for CAD, CAM and CNC machining.

Based next door to Hyfore Engineering, Hyfore Development is fully equipped with a range of machining centres and software packages.

As well as providing CNC machining capacity for Hyfore’s workholding systems and acting as a ‘live showroom’ and development facility, the new operation will provide complete turnkey production engineering solutions for customers with existing machines.

It will provide a one-stop-shop for companies that want to take a part from initial prototype machining, through fixture design and manufacture, to proof of concept and production trials. The customer gets a complete guaranteed production solution for their component without having to take any of their machines out of service or disrupt their scheduled production.

It will also support customers with low-volume and prototype production of parts from 3D model to finished part using the latest CAD, CAM and simulation techniques using the lessons learned in F1.

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