B-axis capability gives high-productivity turning

The new Nakamura Tome NTJ-100is a fast, highly productive B-axis, twin-turret, twin-spindle milling and turning centre that features a number of innovative features.  The NTJ-100 is available now from Turning Technologies UK, part of the Engineering Technology Group and the sole UK and Ireland representative for Nakamura Tome turning centres.  The machine is aimed at smaller components with multiple features, particularly where angular positioning is required.


The upper, B-axis, turret can swing through 182 degrees for the in-cycle milling and drilling of angled features, while the versatility of the NTJ-100 for one-hit machining is further enhanced by Y-axes on both turrets – which, despite the compact design of the machine, give an 80mm stroke on the upper turret and 65mm on the lower turret.


The angular positioning capability of the B-axis turret configuration typically gives much shorter cycle times on components than an ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) type machine due to its short chip-to-chip times. The small dodecahedral, servo-driven turrets give a chip-to-chip time of around 1.5s, compared to 8s for an ATC machine.


An innovative feature of the NTJ-100 is the ability to mount up to six turning tools on the face of the upper turret which can be tilted in to machine the workpiece using the B-axis. With 12 milling tool stations on each turret, or 24 turning tool stations on each turret, this gives a maximum capacity of 54 tools.


Another innovative feature is that one of these tool stations can be used for a part unloader gripper. Using a servo to clamp the part this gives an unloading time of around 2.6 seconds and is a more cost-effective option than a standard gripper-type part catcher.


Although designed for high productivity on smaller complex components, with faster, smaller turrets, the NTJ-100 gives the flexibility to go up to 65mm bar if required. The NTJ-100 has a flat-bed design, so that swarf drops away from the machining area and two powerful milling tool motors. As with all of the company’s multi-turret machines, the NTJ-100 is equipped with the Nakamura Tome Intelligent Programming System (NT-IPS). This makes the machine even more productive by taking an innovative approach to the way it is controlled and programmed.


The NT-IPS is hosted on a high-specification PC that is built into the machine. It works in conjunction with the latest Fanuc 31i-B CNC to give a high degree of functionality coupled with fast processing speeds. The NT-IPS interface features a 19” touch-screen LCD display, QWERTY keyboard and touch-pad alongside the standard MDI keys.


It is designed to be user-friendly, easy to navigate and easy to understand. It speeds up programming and makes it easy for companies with no previous experience of twin-spindle, twin-turret mill-turning to take full advantage of these highly productive machines.

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