HALTER LoadAssistant®

Perfect CNC robot for auto loading of series from 10 to 1000 workpieces

  • Compatible with every CNC lathe or mill, new or existing
  • Extra production output without extra machine operators
  • Compact, ergonomic and meets the highest quality standards
  • Immediately increases profit for your company, even with small series
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HALTER LoadAssistant®

The HALTER LoadAssistant® is a robotic system for automatic loading of your CNC machine. The system can be connected to any new or existing CNC lathe or milling machine and easily moved from one machine to another. It is made for a production environment, where short set-up times are essential for efficient utilization of the machines. You don’t need any knowledge about robots to operate it.

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Key Features

Rotating loading system for workpieces up to 230 mm

It is provided with universal grid plates, covering the complete range of workpiece dimensions from 10 to 230 mm. One grid plate can be used for a certain range of workpiece dimensions (for example from 23 to 55mm) and every grid plate is adjustable up to 250 mm in height.

HALTER SmartControl: no robot experience required

The robot system is driven by HALTER SmartControl, which is brilliant in its simplicity. By following just a few steps on the 15” touch screen your loading program is set up in a very short amount of time. It cannot get easier than this and no robotic knowledge is required.

Set-up takes less than 5 minutes – perfect for smaller series

The combination of the HALTER SmartControl, the rotating loading system and a fastand universal gripper system is the key to the incredibly short set-up time. The robot can continue operating while you are setting up a new series.

Full accessibility to machine, no compromise on the total safety of your operators

The HALTER LoadAssistant combines optimal access to your machine with total safety for your operator, even when setting up the CNC machine or checking and measuring products. It offers optimal use and is safe at the same time.

Compact all-in-one-design: no additional units, fences or cables

HALTER LoadAssistant is compact and has been designed for an industrial environment. You do not need to deal with the hassle of extra units, cables or fences on your shop floor.

Minimal occupation of floor space

The robot and its safety zone take up a minimal amount of space because the rotating loading table is filled at the backside. Even when you are filling a new series at the backside, the robot can continue operating.

Easy to move from one CNC machine to another

Changing the HALTER LoadAssistant® to another CNC machine in your workshop can be done in a few minutes. You just disconnect the cable, lift the CNC robot with a pallet truck and move it to another CNC lathe or machining center. By investing in one loading robot you can automate several machines, allowing you to respond to the demands of your customers in a more flexible way.

A robot interface from your CNC machine supplier is not necessary

The HALTER LoadAssistant® is connected to your CNC machine through a PLC by a special HALTER interface protocol. This means that you do not need to invest in the machine manufacturer’s expensive robot-interface. HALTER CNC Automation or its certified service partners carry out the entire process of installation, integration with your machine and make it operational.

Maximum load capacity robot arm: 10 kg, 20 kg or 35 kg

Depending on the products you make; products with a maximum total weight of 10, 20 or 35 kg.


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