Engineering Solutions

The Engineering Technology Group has a unique structure that combines the best aspects of a specialist machine tool supplier with the strength of a large organisation.

Each of the four machine tool companies in the Group provides the specialist application and service engineers who know how to get the very best from the machines.

Working closely with these companies, the Group’s service organisation, Engineering Solutions, provides the strength in depth that only a large organisation can provide.

It complements the machine tool companies by providing the services and infrastructure that are vital to the customer but are not specific to individual brands.

These include the engineering and management skills vital to delivering integrated turnkey solutions – such as programming, logistics, systems integration and project management.

Engineering Solutions also provides all the elements that ensure the highest level of after-care – such as 24/7 service desks, spares co-ordination and stock holding and IT systems – as well
as financial services and the generic departments that any business needs to perform efficiently.

Customers can also draw on the expertise of the Group’s work holding and automation specialist Hyfore to help them realise the most productive solutions for their manufacturing requirements.

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